Welcome on Autopscience.com, the companion site of the YouTube channel Autopscience.


This web site is the companion of the YouTube channel Autopscience and is also used to give access to applications tools I have been developing in order to propose some alternatives, for instance, to classical analysis tools for the analysis of time signals.


Going to the IDS Tools page, you may be able to download the first release of the IDS Tools running on Mac OS 10.9.5 and newer. I have been currently working on the question of  how to port these applications for Windows 10.

With the IDS Tools, one may be able to test the digital version of the IDS Analysis (where IDS stands for Integration of Spectral Density) that is to say analyse some time signals and be able to listen (yes, to listen !) the analysis component and re-synthesize the original signal using a partial to complete selection of the analysis elements.

I have been developing the prototypes of IDS tools since 2002 and I have already used them, often with some of my sound engineering students within the scope of their master memoir, notably for several research projects:

  • objective characterization of audio devices and rooms;
  • acoustical studies: proximity effect for microphones, physical modeling of microphones, acoustical near-field for closed loudspeakers;
  • medical studies on the analysis of cardiac and pulmonary recordings with digital stethoscope and design of a tool for the learning of listening with a stethoscope;
  • study of clues for alternative solutions to improve the quality of the listening for impaired persons.


With the web site and the You Tube channel, I would like to:

  • build, video by video, a Small Personal On-line Open Course dedicated to Signal Processing in order to help you to discover, study and master Signal Processing;
  • pick some current situations in Physics in order to underline the fact that the methods used to solve the physical problems are very often based on signal processing tools;
  • point out some elements in Physics which may not be as solid or correct as one may think or believe (I think that some of these elements may present some serious problems) and try to propose some clues in order to build some useful alternatives.


So I invite you to visit this web site, download (freely) the proposed tools, use them with the help of videos on Autopscience and determine if these tools are or not interesting for your needs.

Laurent Millot – 21/10/2017.